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Thinking Highways Europe/RoW April 2016

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The Importance of Being Earnest: The View with Kevin Borras 2/3

“Of all the things to be complemented on, the selection of sandwiches available, although something we had given a fair amount of thought to, wasn’t quite what I was expecting to leave a lasting impression on our delegates.”

Big Data…For Small Traffic  4/5

More Data, less traffic congestion: Building smarter traffic management by Andrea Toth and Joseph Maria Salanova

Case Sensitive: EU Projects 8/9

Improving safety and mobility for vulnerable road users through ITS applications: Johan Schollers and Suzanne Hoadley celebrate.

Driven by Data: The Thinking Highways Interview 12/13

Kevin Borras talks to International Road Dynamics President and CEO Terry Bergan about his 30 years at the helm.

Seeing Things Differently 16/17

For Thinking Highways editor Kevin Borras, a traffic control centre was where ITS started to less resemble a foreign language movie with no subtitles. He spoke to eight acknowledged experts in the TCC arena about how their sector has changed in the magazine’s lifetime and how they forsee it continuing to evolve into the next decade.

Sporting Chance 24/25

The decision on Moscow’s Traffic Management centre’s videowall solution was informed by the London Olympics. Cindy Symons takes up the story.

A Star Appeared in the East 28/29

Robert Simpson reports from Highways England’s Eastern Regional Control Centre where the Dynamic Display System has undergone something of a major upgrade.

The Brady Hunch 30/31

As one of the mainstays of the traffic control centre sector for the best part of a decade himself, who better than Infocus’s Brady O Bruce to provide the A’s to Kevin Borras’s Q’s.

Electric Dreams 32/33

From driverless cars to girls in STEM-what is the TEV project all about? Caroline Jones Carrick has the all-important answers.

Tallin Stories 38/39

Sebastien Mure examines the rich potential for ITS in Estonia. The Country that brought you Skype is about to deliver a feast of technological innovations.

Everything Is Fine: The Connected Future 40/41

V2E: Automated driving that’s remarkably unremarkable, by Richard Keenan

A Host of Opportunities 46/47

James Riley ponders on the future of enforcement

Digital Data Makes Smarter Cities 48/49

Civil traffic enforcement and management systems have embraced automation and the latest digital technologies to deliver higher levels of productivity and reduced operational costs, as Tim Daniels explains.

Live and Learn 52/53

Andrea Toth invites you to catch up on the latest ITS developments in Glasgow this Junes

How to Make the Most of Melbourne 54/55

As the 2016 ITS World Congress nears, many will be deciding when, how and who will be making the trip to Melbourne, the first time since 2001 that Australia has hosted ITS to the World.

Share and Share a Bike 56/57

The fourth generation of bike-sharing systems is around the corner Jose F Papi, Paplo Garcia and Ricardo La Longa discuss a future-proof system that could render the rest obsolete.

The View  58/60

Autonomous driving: after the hype, some rational arguments emerge from the research community.

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