Seeing Things Differently: a Thinking Highways special feature

Thinking Highways
By Thinking Highways April 27, 2016 14:36


The April issue of Thinking Highways Europe/Rest of the World edition is online now and features a multi-article focus on the evolution of the traffic control room over the magazine’s 10-year lifetime. Eight experts offer their opinions on how their sector has changed, largely for the better but not exclusively, how it needs to evolve further and how they are playing a part in the changes taking place. Also as part of the feature we present case studies from Moscow and the South of England, plus InFocus’s Brady Bruce provides the answers to Kevin Borras’s searching questions as Thinking Highways attempts to discover what it is about traffic control rooms that ensures they are never far from the industry headlines.

Also in this issue:

• The Thinking Highways Interview: Terry Bergan, IRD
• The TEV Project
• Estonia
• V2E
• Modular Cars
• Enforcement
• Previews of ITS Europe and ITS World Congress

To access the issue click here.
To listen to the unexpurgated recordings from the Thinking Highways/Thinking Cities Smart City Side Event click here.

Thinking Highways
By Thinking Highways April 27, 2016 14:36