Ford MyKey technology helps encourage safer driving in fleets

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By Thinking Highways April 3, 2014 13:48

Ford MyKey technology helps encourage safer driving in fleets

Ford’s MyKey technology, designed to encourage safe teen driving habits, is also being used by fleet owners to encourage safer driving habits among employees. When enabled, MyKey encourages front seat occupants to wear safety belts, limits top vehicle speed and can route incoming calls directly to the voicemail of paired phones.

For Joe Dougherty, Ford Motor Company’s MyKey technology is a feature his family’s construction company uses to help keep their drivers safe.

Dougherty, president of Kentucky-based Louisville Paving Company, said his drivers need to be aware of their surroundings, and must be able to concentrate on busy, noisy construction sites. Thirty of his company’s vehicles are now equipped with MyKey, which allows owners to program a key that can limit a vehicle’s top speed and audio volume, and encourage safety belt use. The technology also routes incoming calls directly to voicemail on paired phones.

Louisville Paving Company, which was started by the Dougherty family in 1949, is a full-service contractor involved in highway and heavy construction. Dougherty plans to purchase more Ford vehicles with MyKey because he wants to put his employees in a position to focus on driving, even when working on unpredictable job sites.

“With us, safety is the No. 1 priority,” said Dougherty. “These job sites can be high-risk situations if drivers are distracted by the radio, phone calls or texts.”

“MyKey has been a great tool for fleet managers, giving them a technology that encourages good driving habits for their employees,” said Megan Gillam, commercial vehicles brand and fleet communications manager for Ford Motor Company. “Many companies have safe driving guidelines for fleet vehicles, and MyKey serves as a reinforcement of some of those basic rules.”

Louisville Paving Company leases its fleet vehicles from Enterprise Fleet Management, which markets MyKey as a safety tool useful for businesses.

“The versatility of MyKey for fleet owners makes it a great feature for our customers,” said Kevin Kelley, Assistant Vice President of Business Development at Enterprise Fleet Management. “The feedback from our customers who select it as a feature has been positive, with several stating they’d like to have it added in future orders.”

Some of the features and settings on MyKey include the ability to:

  • Limit vehicle top speed to 80 mph, or lower on some models
  • Issue a warning when the vehicle is at or within 5 mph of reaching the preset maximum speed
  • Limit vehicle’s entertainment system audio to 45 percent of maximum volume
  • Sound a chime and mute the audio system until safety belts are buckled
  • Route incoming calls directly to voicemail
  • Issue an additional low-fuel warning when the fuel tank is one-eighth full
Thinking Highways
By Thinking Highways April 3, 2014 13:48