Demonstrably Impressive

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By Thinking Highways August 4, 2015 09:57

Demonstrably Impressive

Thinking Highways presents a preview of the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux through the eyes of one of its major sponsors, Continental

With the “passing the globe” ceremony last September in Detroit, Europe officially kicked off the plans for the 22nd ITS World Congress and now, less than three months away, the Congress organising team is in full swing. For over a year ERTICO, ITS America, ITS Asia-Pacific and the host organisations have been working to get another exceptional event in place.

This year the Congress will feature a dense programme of 200+ sessions, which includes three Plenary, 14 Executive Sessions and two High-level technology summits focusing on urban planning and mobility, and automation (one of the hottest topics of the show) with top speakers from industry and public authorities.

One of the most exciting elements of #ITSWC15 (keep your eye on the hashtag as we will be tweeting regularly) will be the demonstration programme: over 30 live demonstrations will be organised in the area surrounding the conference and exhibition centre; these are organised by French companies and organisations such as AKKA, EASYMILE, NAVYA, Orange, PSA Peugeot Citroen Renault, UTBM, VALEO and VEDECOM, as well as international firms such as AISIN (Japan), COHDA Wireless (Australia), Continental, IBEO (Germany), NXP (The Netherlands), LINDSAY (USA). The demos will show autonomous vehicles, cooperative systems, multimodal systems and other exiting ITS technologies.


The ITS World Congress in Bordeaux will take place in and around the lakeside Convention and Exhibition Centre where all the Congress activities will be held. For example, the open road demonstration pickup/drop-off zone is conveniently located between the exhibition and the Congress halls. The demonstration car park is also on the exhibition centre premises and has an open-air zone and a covered area to replicate an urban canyon.

To guarantee continuity between the sessions and the demonstrations, the themes will follow the seven general topics of the Congress. In this way the International Programme Committee (IPC) wants to create a synergy between the different convention elements that are the technical programme, exhibition, demonstrations, technical visits and ancillary events.

The open road demonstration site is pre-equipped with G5 Road Side Units (15 in the Bordeaux urban area and seven in the inter-urban ring road of Bordeaux). This is a reliable installation, thanks to a one-year pilot, managed in the European CIP project coordinated by ERTICO Compass4D, which will also run a demo featuring 10-15 vehicles for the whole week. The different open data sources and platforms will permit applicants to have access to a large amount of data and services in order to adapt and show their own applications. Last but not least, a special itinerary on urban and interurban roads will allow the demonstrations of automated vehicles under real traffic.


Continental, in addition to being one of the largest sponsors of the event, is also one of the most engaged demonstrators this year; the company is involved in demos in four of the seven Congress topics: Cooperative ITS; Urban mobility; Big data; and Multimodality.

Under the second topic, “Cooperative ITS deployment challenges”, delegates will be able to experience OTA keys in a demonstrator of Continental, a system that is used to manage car keys and other user rights/profiles combined with the management of infrastructure (eg EV chargers, parking access, etc) and integrated in multimodal transport means. Under topic seven, which asks the question “Are Big Data and Open Data transport’s Silver Bullets?” Continental will showcase an innovation truck with numerous innovation systems, many of those especially focusing on ITS and services such as eHorizon, Electronic Tire Information System (eTIS), Surround View and various Apps.

These are just some highlights of what Continental has planned in Bordeaux, but to find out more about their plans within and beyond the ITS World Congress, Thinking Highways spoke to Seval Oz,  CEO of Continental’s Intelligent Transportation Systems, LLC and Antoine Jouin, Head of Automotive at Continental France and asked them to explore some of the highlights of this year’s Congress.

What are Continental’s focus and priorities in 2015?

Seval Oz (SO): Continental is presenting solutions for future mobility at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, highlighting how automotive electronics benefit from connecting the vehicle to the cloud. This is why we are showcasing ready-to-market solutions for the intelligent vehicle to our customers. One of Continental’s core innovations this year is dynamic electronic Horizon (eHorizon). It turns the digital map into a high-precision and constantly up-to-date sensor that can be used for much more than just navigation. The dynamic eHorizon will help to make vehicles more attractive, safer and more efficient as it is based on a network of vehicles and infrastructure exchanging data with the cloud in close to real time. Besides this we will also demonstrate highlights from fleet management and around maintenance services such Remote Vehicle Diagnostics.

Why did you decide to be a Diamond sponsor of the ITS World Congress? What opportunities for Continental do you see in this event?

Antoine Jouin (AJ): The ITS World Congress truly realises the first thesis of the cluetrain manifesto: markets are conversations. It offers access to the entire ITS community. People from all over the world, from established and recognisable companies as well as new players and industry shakers and movers meet, exchange ideas and form the ITS business. With the sponsorship, Continental is once more showing its commitment to this business and that ITS is an important topic for us. On our continuous path to even safer, more efficient and more convenient vehicles, we bring transport to the next level.

Can you tell us more about the demo? Are you planning some announcements during Bordeaux? And finally, what are you going to present on your stand?

SO: We will have a booth and demo vehicles at Bordeaux. And of course there will be news and announcements. With all its technologies and expertise in embedded systems, Continental is able to show its contribution to the main topics of the ITS Congress 2015 which are linked to cooperative ITS, multimodal transportation for people and goods or solutions for sustainable mobility. Continental also demonstrates how technology leads to highly automated driving and presents its expertise. For the 2015 edition, Continental will demonstrate how urban trends are driving ITS changes and the new opportunities brought by open data from the cloud.

AJ: The ITS World Congress is the perfect platform and gives everyone access to the entire ITS community. All global players in the ITS industry will be at the Congress and it’s great for us as we have such a strong organisation in France. It will be a great place to be.


Seval Oz is CEO of Continental Intelligent Transportation Systems, LLC and Antoine Jouin is Head of Automotive France Continental

Thinking Highways
By Thinking Highways August 4, 2015 09:57