Dangerous year so far on Alabama highways

Thinking Highways
By Thinking Highways August 22, 2016 15:33

Dangerous year so far on Alabama highways

2016 has been a dangerous year for Alabama drivers.

As of Aug. 20, Alabama State Troopers have worked at least 20,000 car crashes.

Senior State Trooper Chuck Daniel said that averages out to one crash about every 17 minutes.

“Each day we average about 86 crashes, so your chance of being involved in one is high,” said Daniel.

In the last three days, there have been at least three deadly accidents in Jefferson County.

On Friday night, Daniel and another trooper worked nine accidents. Two of the crashes were in Cullman and another in Blount County.

“We have to deal with a lot of crashes. If you’re not involved in one, then you’ve seen one on your way home from work or on your way to work,” Daniel said.

Daniel says the crashes are preventable; 99 percent of all crashes are operator error.

Drivers who are distracted or speeding have been a big factor in some accidents, according to Daniel.

“Whether it’s raining or dry, speed is always the number one factor. Those speed limits are there for a reason. If you’re involved in a crash and your speed is high, you stand a chance of being injured with your seat belt on,” said Daniel.

So far, there have been 9,000 people injured in car accidents and 400 killed this year.

“51 percent of people killed this year where they had a seat belt available they didn’t wear one,” Daniel continued.

Daniel says to wear seat belts, follow the speed limit and never driver impaired or distracted.

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Thinking Highways
By Thinking Highways August 22, 2016 15:33