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Connected Canada 2016

Connected Canada 2016



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Welcome to Connected Canada  02/03

Welcome to the World of Connected Canada

Terry Bergan Interview  04/05

Kevin borras talks to International Road Dynamic’s President and CEO Terry Bergan about his 30 years at the helm.

Technology: ITS in Calgary  08/09

Yeats Wong presents a visual guide to ITS Canada ace host City’s ITS capabilities

IT Investments: Smart City, Smart Thinking  10/11

Richard Harris reports from Montreal, Quebec where Canada’s smartest City’s latest move has been to capitalise on IT investment

Traffic Data Technology: A New Way Of Looking At Traffic 14/15

IRD’s Vectorsense sensor provides augmented traffic data, as Ron Klashinsky explains

Intelligent Infrastructure 16/17

James Benson on the importance of intelligent infrastructure for the ultimate intelligent City

Welcome Note: The Connected Generations 18/19

Welcome to the next generation of ITS, connectivity, proximity and mobility by Keenan Kitasaka

Getting Past the Hype: Transit Leap Revisited 20/21

Bern Grush and John Niles from Toronto based Grush Niles Strategic revisit an article written for Thinking highways in 2015

ITS World Congress: The Next Generation 30

Charlotte Jover invites ITS Canada annual conference and exhibition attendees to the 23rd ITS World Congress in Melbourne this year.