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Connected California 2015

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Welcome to Connected California 01

One California 02
Jane White describes the inner workings of One California, an innovative, widescale project with the aim of making the very most of the State’s transportation infrastructure

Connected California  06
Paul Hutton takes an intriguing look at why California is home to so much of not just the US’s but the world’s most innovative ITS thinking

The ITS State 14
Bob McQueen’s search for a muse drew him to back to England in the early 1970s…but the parallels with 21st Century Californian ITS technology are surprisingly obvious

Connected Vehicles 18
Jeff Spinazze charts the progress of the Golden State’s connected vehicle program as it edges towards the mainstream

Intelligent Analytics 22
Advancements in the Connected Vehicle (CV) world represent another milestone in the continued evolution of the transportation industry using data to improve system performance, as Iteris’s Jane Berner and Sandra Lennie report

Big Data 24
Big Data and advanced analytics are creating new options, as Gordon Feller explains

Intelligent Intersections 28
Gary Duncan, Econolite Group CTO, explains the benefits of a connected environment

The Connected Car 30
Connected vehicles are a hot topic for automakers and tech suppliers but how will the ITS sector be affected by the rise of cars that can ‘talk’. Louise Smyth finds out

Simulating San Diego 42
Matthew Juckes of TSS-Transport Simulation Systems reports on the latest developments in the pioneering San Diego I-15 integrated corridor management system that include work on an Aimsun mesoscopic model of the whole of San Diego County

Caltrans’ Cameras 44
MG Squared (MG2) has recently installed its first camera-lowering device in California, providing Caltrans with an excellent opportunity to test its capabilities as it looks to the future, as Matt Mogle reports

Smart Thinking 48
Shelley Row presents four brain traits all Californian transportation and transit leaders should know how to use

Data Science 52
Teradata’s Peeter Kivestu on building a bridge between data science and transportation

Smart Traffic Control 54
Lauren Jochum of GRIDSMART® Inc heralds a new dawn in the era of intelligent traffic management…

Mission Statement 56