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About Us

H3B Media’s Broadcast Services Division is responsible for the audio and video output, featuring Roundtable Discussions, webinars, audio interviews, promotional videos, video show dailies and bespoke programming, all aimed at enhancing H3B Media’s reputation as the thought leaders in the advanced traffic management media arena.

2013 saw the launch of a new title, Thinking Cities, in conjunction with Polis, the European Network for Cities and Regions, which focuses on smart transport policies and technologies that are an integral part of the smart city. Thinking Cities is the first H3B Media title to be available in print, online and rich media app formats.

H3B Media, originally founded as a traditional publishing house, has since expanded its remit and reflected the manner in which the media world has developed in the 21st century. H3B Media’s Broadcast Services Division, headed by experienced journalist and broadcaster Paul Hutton, is responsible for the audio and video output, featuring four formats of the Thinking Aloud podcast, promotional videos, video show dailies and bespoke programming. H3B Media also produces a popular webinar series, Positive Thinking, to enhance its reputation as the thought leaders in the advanced traffic management media arena.

Thinking Highways was born from the desire to deliver to its audience the highest quality content possible.

Its aim is not only to report but to facilitate active and forward-thinking discussion using the best available platforms and creating innovative new ones.

The core team has been together in the global ITS industry since the late 1990s and has expanded since H3B Media’s inception in 2006.


What we offer our readers is a unique combination of unbiased, in–depth discussion, informed and respected opinion, fascinating case studies and insightful interviews which makes our family of publications and web portals indispensable, go-to resources that are associated with the thought-leader within the global ITS industry.


Our values are unique, well-established and highly respected. We are committed to promoting and improving innovation and business within the ITS sector globally by consistently examining standards, policy, implementation interoperability and integration as well as showcasing advances in the technology that are vital in making this US $50+ billion market as strong as it is today and for the future.


We aim to encourage a long-term view of the value of investment in transportation and reinforce the value of its wider influence in the lives of the people it serves. We want to help elevate the creation of strategies, the allocation of funding and the encouragement of innovation in your sector to a level where investment in systems and technology reaches further than political terms of office to where we see the formation and implementation of ‘policy beyond politics’.


Our international network of globally renowned and respected writers is comprised of industry experts, decision-makers, influential policy advisors and former heads of national and international state departments.

We are the only magazine in the sector with a truly North American-devoted title. Each issue of THNA is between 80 and 90% different to the Europe/RoW version in terms of editorial content, the only time editorial content is shared is if the article has truly global interest.

Thinking Highways offers you the widest choice of media platforms in the sector.

We have been innovating since we launched in 2006 – the first magazine in the ITS industry to be available online, the first to offer two distinctly separate regional editions, the first to offer instant access to our archives, the first to offer a video show daily news service for international events, the only magazine to be invited to perform the role of media disseminators for European Commission transport research projects, the only magazine to produce a one-hour TV documentary on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, the first magazine to present a regular podcast and will become the first to include a Webinar as part of its marketing package.

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